Lenght- 5'6

Width- 19

Thickness- 2.12

Modi Pro
Sizes: 5'6 * 19 
More sizes  coming soon!

Kitesurfers deal with many variables that surfers don't need to worry about.  Unfortunately, most kitesurf boards are designs based on characteristics from surfing and while most designs work, some could be improved.  While the Modi Pro has many characteristics you'll find in performance surfboards, I've focused on several key features to help handle waves you typically find while you're kitesurfing.  You'll find the Modi Pro handles choppy waves far better then a standard surfboard and can handle higher speeds without speed wobbles.  The HexFlex construction is the first I've come across that is light enough to perform well while still holding up to the abuse I typically put on my boards. 


Every facet of this board has been designed for a specific reason for a specific sport- Kitesurfing.


Key Features
Curves in the right places
  • Continuous rocker for a consistent feel

  • Full outline for stability in less then perfect conditions

  • Stepped deck for flat feel while keeping a performance rail shape


Best bottom in town

Quad channels helps control at high speed while also helping to produce drive in lighter winds.

Light.. super light...  

The best shape in the world is useless without the right construction. Hexflex technology is the lightest construction while still being strong enough to hold up to big airs


How to order?

  • $695 board only

  • $825 board complete (Am FCS 2 fins, front pad & rear pad $195 value)


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